one minute videos 2011

this is an experimental series that i’ve made using the newest sony cybershot camera, which uploads into sony’s PMB. i am having some teething problems with manipulation of the files for export – the camera shoots HD video, but seems to force conversion to wmv in order to export (which rather defeats the object!)

i think i’ve found a way to export to vimeo without compression, but i’m not sure. i’ve used the same export url to insert here, so it’s going to be a question of trial and error i think.

cat string – right, using the export to vimeo url doesn’t work!

trying saving from quick time version, which ‘flattens’ movie during saving process, so more compression i guess – no, wrong, it tells me that the file is too big to upload!

at last! it seems to work. the trick seems to be to forget about clicking ‘import video’ on this page’s edit bit (above), forget about using the vimeo ’embed this video’ link, and just cut and paste the url on vimeo – the vital bit is that you have to be watching the video when you cut and paste. – oh, and the other vital bit is to make sure that you are switched to html rather than visual when you paste the link, otherwise the link is automatically made into a hypertext link and it won’t work.

the ‘solitary kite’ video was made on west wittering beach, and my aim is to use the title as a device to draw the viewer’s attention away from the obvious action in the video, and towards the transient action that is easily overlooked.


this video was made following the lumiere film workshop with eleanor suess. there is minimal activity but i thought that the position of the computer wires was (entirely by chance) quite aesthetically pleasing.


‘the cracker’ is one of my first attempts to capture every day interaction whilst the participants are unaware of the camera’s presence. a visit from an 8y old friend resulted in amusing interaction with adult family members.


‘watching’ is in many ways the opposite of the previous video – very little appears to happen, but there are subtle changes that are seen on close observation.


activity in modern art oxford, where the cafe is integrated with other parts of the gallery.


this is frances’ work – scanning one of her exhibition paintings. i really like it; it is another way of seeing the unseen – seeing the painting in a very different way.



13 april 2011

here are some more videos taken recently – they prompted a number of thoughts, starting with the glorious (but unseasonable) weather. this made me think yet again about climate change, and the apparent reluctance of so many people to take this issue seriously – but i then segued into thoughts of prioritising concerns; do national events trump international/ global issues; does the local always triumph over the more general; when it comes to the crunch do most of us worry about ourselves and our families first even if this is detrimental to others?

if we can sit and enjoy a pint in a pretty pub in the new national park can we be blind to that which we would rather not see?
i think this sentiment underpins my ‘seeing the unseen’ driver for my work, and i am still trying to find out how best to explore this visually.

22 april

this is a series of videos that i shot almost on a whim. i was on the train leaving london to return to chichester, and was musing (as i have many times before) on the paradoxical nature of travelling by train – being alone but surrounded by activity and people; the curious dislocation of time and space; the mass of people rushing here and there at stations – and i wondered how it would be to try capture some of this on film. i think that this says something about exclusion, about being blind to that which is front of you…..

23 april

yesterday was a day of odd dislocation.
the temperatures were in the mid to high 20s, the skies were cloudless blue. it felt like august rather than april.

england basked in the sun and prepared for an unprecedented period of festivity – a four day holiday for easter, followed immediately by another four day holiday due to the proximity of easter to the may day weekend, and the additional holiday friday for the wedding of prince william and kate middleton.

it was good friday – a day of solemnity throughout the christian world.
a day for fasting, reflection, austerity.

time and space seemed suspended.

hopefully i have now discovered how to remove unwanted labels from the embedded videos:

9 may

went to london at the weekend; sitting on the wrong side of a very packed train on the way up so unable to film. again sitting on the wrong side of the train for the return journey, but managed to catch some film that is still interesting


  1. Dear Diana,

    I watched a selection of your one minute films with interest. They seem to have the time and formatt of a Lumiere Film with a documentary twist. They are like little snippets of life in 2011 Britain, a sort of sociological/almost anthropological take on modern life.

    I like the way you have at times chosen moving positions to film from, as on the train. Battersea Junction gives a pleasing interplay between the external and internal with reflections coming into view with passing trains. I also enjoyed the Good Friday pool film and couldn’t help thinking of David Hockney’s paintings of rich, American’s pools. Again that heightened the idea of a more gritty, British, documentary approach.

    An interesting take on an exciting art form.

    Best Wishes,


    • thank you alison, it is encouraging to think that anyone has actually watched any of them! i’m still in a very experimental stage with the filming – no previous experience, and also i am only now really getting my thoughts straight about where i might want to go with all this. i’m about to start playing with the pinnacle editing package so we’ll see where all this goes!
      see you on wednesday

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