nearly finished

A summer of rewriting (literature review and methodology sections), selecting work for presentation, arranging layouts of multiple photobooks for submission, and writing up my dissertation is almost over. The draft dissertation is with one of my (non-marking) supervisors and I’m waiting for comments before finalising it and sending it for printing and binding.

This has been a frustrating period – unable to get on with other writing or making until this is finished, and at the same time feeling that I have completed my emotional and intellectual involvement with this piece of work and am ready to move on. The confirmation that there is still a viva to come, but not until ¬†October, is an unwanted and (to my mind) unnecessary imposition. I’m not sure how I am meant to freeze time until then – do no writing? no making? no new directions? On a purely practical note, the academic year will have long since finished for us, we will no longer be registered at the university (except that of course I had been promised a virtually seamless transition to doctoral study, implying that I would have still been there). There is no date, so I cannot book a holiday or take employment. Far from satisfactory.

Once the dissertation has been submitted my intention was to put the full content on this website, but I presume that must now wait until after the viva. We have been given no date to expect results, no date for graduation – all of this is in line with what I have come to expect. As Shumacher said, small is beautiful, certainly where universities are concerned!