initial experiments

Some very provisional attempts which, after a useful tutorial, may be helpful in offering a way forward.

Things to consider:

materials (glues, paper, sources), techniques (accuracy of cutting, cutting round, cutting out), use of text, use of figure, work speaking for itself rather than narrative or illustration… and a hundred and one other things that are swirling round in my head!

I am extremely frustrated – have wasted over an hour re-photographing the collages at different resolutions and still find that I am completely unable to get decent images for the website. The images look fine on my phone, and when reshot on my camera, but won’t upload cleanly. I’ve tried both ends of the pixel spectrum – going for higher and higher resolution with the camera, standard with the phone, and then 860×640 for web use with my camera but to no avail. It’s a bit bizarre as I’ve never had any trouble photographing my work before, and other photography with both camera and (more often) phone is fine.

However, I’m not prepared to waste more time on this particular set of images, which were only ‘sketchbook work’ in the first place!