henry moore revisited

I’ve been  thinking a lot more about figurative work. Had a good supervision session with Nat discussing development of the figures.

We talked  about them becoming more interactive with their environment – placing them in different parts of the house, almost acting out relationships between them, moving one to another and so on. I immediately thought of them creating a narrative that I could write, in therapy terms a surrogate for what is happening in my unconscious I think, although I’m not sure it has to be viewed as such.

After my morning meeting in London yesterday I dropped in to Tate Britain to see the Turner Prize shortlisted work (thought provoking) and decided to revisit the Henry Moore gallery. I have always loved his work,  especially the more directly figurative which strikes me as embodying the soul. It also reminds and reassures me that figurative work doesn’t have to be anatomically correct, Leonardo-type work.