Fine art has taken a temporary back seat whilst the prose fiction module runs. The latter is fairly consuming given that I have no background in English or Creative Writing; my intention in taking the module was to learn more about fiction writing so that I could apply it to my autoethnographic writing. I have no doubt that I will achieve my aim, but in fact I have got bitten by the writing bug and this has added to the dilemma of what to do next.

Failing to be shortlisted for the Techne studentships from one perspective changes nothing. After all, I had argued that as I was able to self fund it was wrong to apply for full funding at the expense of someone else who depend on such funding to do phd study. I was told by several senior people that I should ignore such ideas and go ahead and apply. So in theory I can still go ahead and self fund. The problem is that the application process has revealed the extent to which practice based and more importantly practice led research is not understood by senior academics, even in a university that has an international reputation for art & design. Hence my dilemma – given that I now know what I was previously unaware of, how sensible is it to commit 3-5 years and a large amount of money to pursuing doctoral studies at a university that doesn’t appear to understand the methodologies and methods of practice led research?

The prose fiction has created the dilemma by whetting my appetite for writing creatively, and I am now wondering whether to follow this for a year or two, and then revisit the doctoral  question with more experience behind me, and possibly the opportunity to be based at a different university.