Big step (I think!)

I have launched a new blog, crackedmirrorsandangelpie, dedicated to writing for research. I’m not entirely clear what will go into it, but it seems important to be separate from the website, and not directly attributable to me to the casual reader (should there be any such person).

I am going to set myself the task of writing something every day – hopefully at least 500 words. I have read so many authors discussing the necessary discipline of writing on a regular basis, even if there appears to be nothing to write about, that it seemed a good guideline to set. It won’t be concerned with reading and research on the academic side of my research – that will go on the website. It won’t be reflections on the visual art that I am making – Nat has suggested that I keep a drawing notebook for that (which seems a very good idea).

I think that it will be writing about the things that are in the forefront of my mind at the time. Inevitably I think these will be mostly sociopolitical, mixed with healthcare stuff (which is sociopolitical!), laced with football, other sport, cinema, books, spirituality, and my own mood state.

After to chatting to Nat yesterday I am seeing the time from now until the next academic year (end September) as a time for data gathering – the blog, drawing, materials for collage. I am excited by the prospect.