spring sketch series

Beautiful day so I tried sketching outside. Difficult but not impossible to manage the light and the tablet screen. I edited by erasing the lines, but then played about at erasing the spaces that remained between the erased lines; interesting to find how repeated erasure and refilling stubbornly refuses to eradicate previously applied colour, and …


working into existing sketch

Continuing to work into the coffee shop sketch that I made last week, I discovered the possibility of fragmenting the image using sketchbook pro – an interesting thing to pursue. The transformation of my initial simple line sketches into images far removed from the mundane original is remarkably similar to the video work that I …


coffee shop works in progress

I’m experimenting with line – putting down lines that define my immediate world, without particular attention to proportion and perspective, because I’m increasingly aware that in my world neither of these take precedence over immediate impression. So my lines relate to reality, in that all the things that I draw exist in the space of …


end of term

Completion of ethics module and assessment means that 3/4 taught modules are done with – time to focus over the spring and summer on my actual research project. There is a definite tension between pushing forward with practical experimental work, and pursuing more methodological theoretical work. My feelings are that most of the tension arises …


waiting for the last train at victoria

With a sad sub text – severe train delays due to ‘a train hitting a person’ at Norwood Junction, and another ‘train hitting a person’ at Emsworth.

This became a litany for the dead as the announcements continued remorselessly for each train delayed or cancelled during the hour or so that we waited. Tempers frayed, middle aged men shouted at rail staff who had no idea what was happening. There were particularly unpleasant murmurings about the delays being due to rail staff being at Bob Crow’s funeral.



Nobody appeared to have any thought for the torment  that had led to two people ending their lives, nor to their families (or the even worse prospect of there being no families to tell), nor to the traumatised drivers and staff who had to recover the bodies.

I sat on the ground and made some rapid sketches of the impatiently waiting throng, intent only on getting home.