drawings feb-april 2015

I’ve been steadily trying to draw my immediate surroundings (my intention was to draw daily but it hasn’t always worked that way) as part of investigating myself in the world.      

preliminary ideas

I’ve started to write some poetry again and remembered that I had bought Verse & – the last collection of poems written by Oliver Bernard before he died. He died 1 June 2013 and I was amazed at how little I knew about this charismatic English teacher who had encouraged my early writing when I …


random sketches

Bank holiday weekend, travelling to London for 24 hours, and then to Brussels. Consciously taking a break, so very little drawing, but the brain doesn’t switch off quite so easily!


After my failed attempts with the wacom tablet I thought that whilst I’d still got some goes on my free trial of autosketch I’d try direct drawing with the mouse on the laptop. Not a success! Whilst it felt quite nice to have more space to work in, with the much greater freedom of arm …


change of perspective

After the Easter break I have been reflecting on the ways in which perspective changes, and how I can perceive things in a completely different way depending on light, season, mood state and so on. These are normal changes that are heightened by the bipolar experience. These sketches are a first attempt at exploring these …