cages and cocoons

Lots of free thinking over the summer has led me to ideas of cages and cocoons, or perhaps cages vs cocoons? I started with ideas of integrating text more overtly into my figures; researching that took me back to Antony Gormley’s work, and that in turn led to thinking about structures around or exterior to the figure. This makes more sense to me conceptually – the figures are made from text, moulded and sculpted and clothed in text, but ultimately my story is one of exterior constraints.

Hubert Duprat has wonderful work in which caddisfly larvae literally create new cocoons from the materials around them.

This strikes me as a great metaphor for the professional woman, shedding her exterior facade and replacing it with another appropriate to her situation.

Simply doing a google search for empty cages and then for cocoons produced many images, some of which resonated. I decided to go with my intuition and have selected those that felt relevant without (at this stage) analysing why.