As I make a very tentative start on assembling my artwork in a format suitable to present for my MRes, I have been reviewing work on erasure. This article has some good examples including work of contemporary artists with whom I was not familiar.

56th Venice biennale

Great review from the Spectator: Venice biennale As a fan of Sarah Lucas (her work was very influential on my 1st year undergraduate thinking) I think I’d agree with his ‘half marks’ summary. I’m not sure that I agree with him about agitprop – I have certainly been made to think by it over the years, …


drawings feb-april 2015

I’ve been steadily trying to draw my immediate surroundings (my intention was to draw daily but it hasn’t always worked that way) as part of investigating myself in the world.      


Lots of changes and uncertainties over the last few weeks, and then a week’s break at Easter allowing some space for reflection. Leaving aside creative writing and thoughts about the future, I had a supervision session with Nat just before the break, which quite unexpectedly generated a eureka moment. We were discussing my drawings and …



Fine art has taken a temporary back seat whilst the prose fiction module runs. The latter is fairly consuming given that I have no background in English or Creative Writing; my intention in taking the module was to learn more about fiction writing so that I could apply it to my autoethnographic writing. I have …