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figurative sculptors

I need to move my papier mache figures on, but I’m not sure how. At our last supervision Nat talked about the way that currently the figures are ‘wearing’ the texts, rather like a...


football diversion

The excitement (and craziness) of the football transfer day deadline ended last night at 23.00h (although in fact some signings weren’t completed until 01.30h) A record £835m was spent during the UK summer transfer...



So impressed that Jon Snow has had the courage to speak out and demand that the UN, UK, and the rest of the world stop ignoring the war in Gaza. Shocking to realise that...

2014-07-03 09.10.31

research seminar

I’ve made a short presentation for today’s research seminar giving an end-of-semester overview.



A revisiting has been going on over the past couple of weeks and it feels right. 3D collage – I’m not sure exactly where it is going, but I have also been experimenting with...


initial experiments

Some very provisional attempts which, after a useful tutorial, may be helpful in offering a way forward. Things to consider: materials (glues, paper, sources), techniques (accuracy of cutting, cutting round, cutting out), use of...