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more writings about collage

Elisabetta Biffi: ‘collage starts with the analysis of an existing state of affairs, proceeds to deconstruct it, and finally constructs a new product juxtaposing different languages.’ … ‘Resisting single interpretations, images can give rise...

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writings about collage

I’ve been reading a variety of writers’ thoughts about collage – from differing disciplines. Possibly most interesting is Marjorie Perloff (who has a formidable cv) writing about collage and poetry: ‘collage always involves the...

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working into existing sketch

Continuing to work into the coffee shop sketch that I made last week, I discovered the possibility of fragmenting the image using sketchbook pro – an interesting thing to pursue. The transformation of my...

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As the authors of the 1978 Group Mu manifesto put it: “Each cited element breaks the continuity or the linearity of the discourse and leads necessarily to a double reading: that of the fragment...

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coffee shop works in progress

I’m experimenting with line – putting down lines that define my immediate world, without particular attention to proportion and perspective, because I’m increasingly aware that in my world neither of these take precedence over...

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end of term

Completion of ethics module and assessment means that 3/4 taught modules are done with – time to focus over the spring and summer on my actual research project. There is a definite tension between...


PhD blog

This could be an interesting find – a blog by Louise Atkinson, currently doing a Practice Led PhD at Leeds Uni.