2014-07-03 09.10.31

research seminar

I’ve made a short presentation for today’s research seminar giving an end-of-semester overview.



A revisiting has been going on over the past couple of weeks and it feels right. 3D collage – I’m not sure exactly where it is going, but I have also been experimenting with...


initial experiments

Some very provisional attempts which, after a useful tutorial, may be helpful in offering a way forward. Things to consider: materials (glues, paper, sources), techniques (accuracy of cutting, cutting round, cutting out), use of...

2014-06-06 10.47.41


Two excellent meeting this week, leaving me with lots to think about and mountains of work to do! So much so in fact that I don’t quite know where to start. Met Jess on...


random sketches

Bank holiday weekend, travelling to London for 24 hours, and then to Brussels. Consciously taking a break, so very little drawing, but the brain doesn’t switch off quite so easily!


nada and mark

I am very grateful to Nat for arranging an extended tutorial with two of his ex-research colleagues from North America, Nada and Mark. It was also the first time that I’d met Jess Moriarty,...