Change of Identity

Change of Identity After last night she could never go back. It was time to start again. New name, new appearance, new life. She’d walked to the railway station early this morning, her feet automatically tracing the steps that she had taken every weekday to school. Seven years of walking the same path. Seven years …


Walk in the Hills

Walk in the Hills

What have I done – what the fuck have I done?

Attempting to hide his cigarette smoke in the palm of his hand, knowing that he should put it out right now, he looked down the slope. She lay motionless, one of her legs turned out more than it ever had when she danced. He called softly, then louder, ‘Suki, Suki.’

He looked round, a twitch of his head, a furtive glance right and left. No-one. No phone signal. An hour back to the car. He hadn’t told anyone they were walking up in the hills. He didn’t know if she had.

He sat on a fallen tree trunk, cigarette still smouldering. He took a long drag and carefully put it out, mindful of warnings about starting fires. The ground was bone dry, he crushed small sparks with his boot.

She hadn’t moved.

She pushed herself away from me. I didn’t do anything.

She lay on her back, eyes open, looking at him. He had a spasm of pain in his gut, nausea washed over him. He wanted to shut her eyes, stop the accusing stare. He wanted to get a thousand miles away.

He turned, doubled over, wanting to throw up but nothing came. He stayed for a moment, looking at the world upside down, and his lighter fell to the ground.

The idea took hold, flared out of his control. He put a flame to a patch of brush and watched as the fire grew, slowly at first, then faster, consuming the ground between him and her.

He started to run.

What the fuck have I done?


  She looked in amazement as a spiral of rose gold vapour rose from her cupped hands. ‘Kiss me and then blow, blow hard,’ he’d said, ‘and you’ll call up the genie.’ She’d thought it was the spliff talking, after all, who believed in genies? She shivered, and the shiver ran the length of her …


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She caught my eye, folded up into the impossibly small space in the eaves. I knew that she was looking straight at me, and that nobody else could see her. She held a lamp, an old fashioned thing, except that its modernity was revealed by the trailing flex. She herself was a strange fusion of …


Archiving -life changes

As any visitors will have noticed, this website has not been active for the past year. Life changes, as they say, and I am currently on a detour. The destination remains the same – to start doctoral study on a formal programme. In the meantime I am studying Creative Writing, and it is modifying the …


All change!

After a year of relative academic inactivity (plenty of stuff going on but no formal university affiliation) I am back at the University of Chichester, following the MA course in Creative Writing. This is planned to be all part of my education towards my eventual doctoral thesis, but as ever I am open to all …


a pause

Nearly the end of the year; MRes completed with distinction, and now a pause before resuming academic study next September. I have been trying to take daily photographs as a record of these interregnum days. For now they stand unedited, waiting for more thought, more work, more action – a reflection of the days that …


nearly finished

A summer of rewriting (literature review and methodology sections), selecting work for presentation, arranging layouts of multiple photobooks for submission, and writing up my dissertation is almost over. The draft dissertation is with one of my (non-marking) supervisors and I’m waiting for comments before finalising it and sending it for printing and binding. This has …